Women, What's the reason why a guy like this would be fatally single?

The guy has a good personality, takes care of himself, not a misogynist and bitter, makes slightly below average money but has ambition, approaches women from all walks of life and still gets rejected. Took advice and still rejected continued trying and trying but still rejected . Never saying anything stupid or offensive and still rejected. Never always going to the same places to meet women and still rejected. Tried online dating and still got rejected. Practiced and practiced approaching with dating experts and wing men and followed their advice to the tee, and still got rejected.
Crickets from the GaG community!! Shots fired!! lol


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  • Because you try too hard and because you never say anything stupid or offensive.

    • I don't try too hard. I never come off as a needy guy. And are you saying I should say something stupid and/or offensive?

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  • If this guy was a liar and a scoundrel he was succeeded by success. If the guy was rich, he would have liked. If the guy was not interested in love and relationships, and only sex with him, he would have liked. If the guy would have been gay or transvestite, girls would gladly have talked with him.


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  • That is just sad to here because I don't see a reason for rejection

    • You are from a country with high moral culture. In the Arab countries still have the concept of honor, conscience and duty. Europe lives consumption, the most cunning and without a conscientious person is considered to be the best.

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    • In India better than in Europe in the spiritual realm. n Europe, it will not succeed until the girls to learn how to lie or "buy" her.

    • @Eastur haha okay I d just say all the best (u seem very dissappointed with European girls) but not all girls are same if it's Europe or any other country u just need to find the right one

  • A lot of men are like that and are still single.


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