He said we'd hangout but he doesn't say anything until I text first that he's "super busy" and that's all he says. Then he posts pics he was out?

We've known each other for a long time and we both still have the same chemistry which we had a long time ago. He thinks I'm the most attractive person to him and who I am as a person, and I know that part is hard to explain on here but in all seriousness he's telling the truth on that part. We hung out three times within two weeks but he's slowly texting me less and calling less because I don't know he's busy and such? So I've been wanting to talk to him for a while in person. Just to talk because we haven't hung out for a while and it's making me concerned that he's not making plans with me at least which he told me he would. He's facetimed me a couple times in between, but it's not the same because it's mostly at night and so it's just relaxed chit chat.

I texted him one day saying "will we be able to talk soon?" because he hasn't texted me back and it's been a couple days, which is concerning me too. He ended up facetimimg me last night saying that he has had to meet foreigners from his job and be with them all night and find hotels for them, so that I understood. But he said before that we'd hang out and I asked if he changed his mind on making plans with me or maybe we can hang hangout tomorrow (which is today now). He said after 4 he should be free. I text him around 5 today if were hanging out soon, and no text from him. I call him around 6:30 and he doesn't answer but texts saying "super busy." I see on his instagram around 8 that he went to an art walk with his bother, which I WENT TO TOO and I saw him but he didn't see me. I posted on ig too about it which I planned on doing anyway, and he commented on it that "oh I was just there with my brother too lol." So he's posting on instagram and doesn't text about hanging out with me or cancelling. I just left after I saw him because I felt so disappointed.

I just need to know how I was react to this whether I should text him right now or wait because I could possibly text or


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  • Well this kind of reminds me of a guy I like, who took months before he finally has a "free schedule" to meet up with me. He always was busy with other people. And to me, that was a sign he wasn't interested in anything more than maybe a friendship.
    Telling you he's free after 4 and then making other plans sounds like he either wanted to be with his brother (and he could've told you that) or he just intentionally forgot, since he also didn't bother answering a text at least.
    And if the chemistry is there and he finds you attractive, well the second part of your story really overshadows the first.
    Maybe I am wrong, you never know, but if I were in your situation I would wait to see if he even bothers to text me. If he doesn't, clearly he doesn't think of me that often.


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  • Some people think actions hold more gravity than words. From his actions, it sounds like he is blowing you off. Perhaps although you are these things to him, there's no spark or something? It could be any number of things, but it seems like he isn't that interested. Sorry.


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