Why does it hurt?

Two years ago when I was a senior in highschool I liked this guy very much and realized the type of guy I am attracted to. He liked me back, he was always looking at me when we were in the same room and he was being shy. He turned around when I looked at him and then look again etc. Nothing happen between us due to some circumstances I can't explain right now. Yesterday I was hanging out with some friends and he and his friend were there too and my best friend knows him and they sat with us and we all did many things together. We hadn't been in touch for this whole time. In highschool we were the shy guy and the shy girl that liked each other. Now we've both changed and I don't like him anymore and he doesn't either. Last night hurt and I don't know why.


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  • Its because you still like him... but he seems to have moved on with his feelings... I don't think that anything is ever gonna happen so just move on... with your liking too... I know it hurts but sometimes we have to suck it up. and move on with life... else we will be stuck in past forever... take care honey


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