How do I handle this situation? I'm stuck. :( ?

Okay, it's my first year of local college, I have no idea how to handle this situation. I know that as long as we're both actively holding the convo, he texts all the time ( a guy that understands that texting is two ways!). He messes with me in class & I poke fun at him in return. Just casual stuff, he walks me out of class and all. But y'see, we only have this one class together, twice a week. And I can't read him as to whether or not he's interested in me. I will say that he went through some stuff at the beginning of his senior year and that's why he broke up with his first/last girlfriend. And I'd like to respect that and all.
Point blank, this would normally be the place when I'm direct and tell him I like him. BUT I've not known him but a month on the 21st of this month&that alongside him having broken off his last relationship (a year ago though). I don't feel like I should be too direct yet.
If I had my way, I'd text him now like "hey imma tell you something but i don't want it to get awkward, and if it's not returned that's cool, I'm totally fine with a friendship, but I hate guessing games so I gotta be direct and whether or not you're feeling it you should too, so I really like you and I'd really like to kiss you but I won't until you take me on a date, so yeah that's that, if it's not returned I'd appreciate it if we pretended this convo never happened and went about our lives/friendship".
What do I do? I'm so direct and it sucks not being able to just say it to him D:
I know I probably sound ridiculous but I've always been a super direct girl but only when I feel like I can be direct and still ask the person not to let it get awkward.
And seeing him two times a week I'd have to request no awkwardness :3
I hate not even knowing if he feels the same way but is just super hard to read.
But in the same breath., how do I know if he's being hard to read or just isn't interested?
THIS IS WHY I WISH I COULD BE DIRECT. Cause then if he's not interested, I'd know & we could pretend I never said anything. And if he is, it's a pleasant surprise for the both of us!


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  • Maybe try to see if he wants to hang outside if class. Maybe suggest doing homework or you need help with a question or something. Or even a coffee hang out. I think thier could be chemistry and something their. He does flirt with you a lot. I do think it's to early for you to be direct. But its up to you. I would give it a little more time.

    • Thank you, that's kinda what I'm thinking, it'd be cool to chill outside of class. I hope you're right and there is chemistry!

    • Your very welcome. Yeah be cool and chill and have fun. I think he will hang out with you. And I sense chemistry.

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