All of my best friends found the one except me?

I really find it pathetic that my friends already found the one except me. Like, my best friend woke up in the middle of the night telling me that he think his girlfriend is the one. Because I know all of his girlfriends were trashy and lazy. And three of my other friends had found the one as well. People realized my other best friend found the one, but haven't asked her out yet. Surprisingly, she still liked him from last year. My group of friends tried to see if any girls who liked to date me because they don't want me to be left out. They asked out all the girls in my grade and they all said no. Either because they're in a relationship, they don't like me like that, or I'm just ugly. Mostly, it was the first one and the last one due to the tone of their voice. Then, they try to get me with an unattractive girl, because it would be a perfect match since I'm "ugly". To be honest, I can't find a girl that actually said that I'm good looking. I always tell my friends that I don't want a girlfriend, but they say that I'm in denial and I'm just too lonely. And I don't believe in the one until the one actually comes to me. But, I realized that the one actually does exist since my best friend found the one. I don't know what to do.


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  • Hahah, you are all underaged and they will most likely break up with their current girlfriends sooner or later. It is super rare people at your age find the one they end up marry one day.
    don't ket that get you down. No need to find "the one". You have sooooo many years to do that.

    Why do you think you are ugly? And what makes these unattractive girls unattractive?

    • I'm 17 -_-

    • So? You are teens. It is rare people your age find the one. You have so many years to do that. I'm turning 20 and I've never been on a date sooo.
      So, answer the kast two questions and maybe I can help.

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    • I'm 17 and my last girlfriend when I was in 7th grade.

    • I'm betting you're a virgin with no girl experience. Dude you are young and your friends are going to be single again in a year. Trust me I know how it feels but you should just focus on having fun and living your life to the fullest.

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  • you're under 18, youve got plenty of time to find someone.

  • Yup, they do exist.


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