What does he mean by 'you won't get it'?

Ok, so this guy I have a crush on was sitting at the lunch table with his friends eating and my friends and I got up to throw our trash away and one of his friends yelled "Hi _______ girlfriend!" And I told some of my friends that I liked him and I asked them all if they told him and they said no, they didn't. So after his friend yelled that I messaged him and asked what he meant by saying that, and he said 'I wouldn't get it, it was a joke.' Which I'm not quite sure what he meant by that... Opinions please?


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  • Its an ''inside joke'' amongst themselves, where if you were not there at the time of the said joke, since you didn't see or heard the context if which said joke was said, you wouldn't get it. Don't loose sleep over this darling, it means nothing.

  • Lol.
    I means that your crush likes you but is not sure if he should tell you yet. His friend yelled the truth but got scolded after it...

    in my opinion you should try to approach him😤👌🏽

    • Ok 😊 that helped a lot, thank you!

    • No problem

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