Am I the only one around here (sound of pistol reloadin) that doesn't like hearing?

that crap "you just have to have confidence" "just be yourself" etc. Since people judge the outward appearance instead of the heart for example: Girl sees guys, most ugly, one attractive. ugly guy approaches her she avoids, attractive guy approaches she makes time not only that another scenario attractive guy is approached by her instead. i understand if that unattractive person is undesirable because they don't take care of themselves but the ones that do lets say have nice body but a butterface/buthisface then that advice doesn't not work for everybody. i know it might work to some unattractive people but that advice is mainly for average and above. girls, i know y'all go through the same thing so what does everybody think?


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  • You kinda just have to keep putting yourself out there. Do feel like a woman owes you her attraction. Because guess what, she doesn't. You have to earn it and if you have a less that attractive face make sure your at the top of your potential in attitude, humor kindness and health. My ex wasn't an attractive guy but I truly found him sexy.


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  • People often mistake "just be confident" or "just be yourself"
    for "just approach the girl.."

    In truth.. what should be done, is to focus on yourself
    do what "you" want.. don't seek a relationship, those kinds
    of relationships hardly ever last.

    No.. seek to advance your career, or improve at your hobbies
    have fun with friends, live "your" life.

    Also.. if one does seek a partner, that person could at least
    make sure to look good beforehand (taking care of themselves)

    That, is being confident, that is being yourself.

    Love is not found, it is stumbled upon.


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  • I think we live in a society that values outer beauty too much. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I know this sounds cheesy but its true. Plus, when a person has more self-confidence he/she can sometimes go from average to attractive.

  • Unequal and equal determines who you talk to.

    • huh? explain please

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    • agreed

    • Yes, when a good looking guy talks to another girl, then the 2 girl who likes him gets jealous. Similar to guys, if a good looking girl talks to a guy, then 2 guy gets jealous or starts to ignore her. It works both ways.

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  • Confidence is everything. At least the iugly giy has the balls to approach the girl. If you are ugly then 3/20 times of approaching girls you will meat someone cool and open minded. The odds are bad but it's all up to you man.

  • People who say that line generally don't want to bring down the cold hard truth and ruin your day. Better keep up an illusion.


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