How do I get started?

I've never really been in a real relationship till now. I mean I've had short flings but never really met anyone that I felt really special about. Although there was this one girl when I was a senior in high school that I really thought was special but she just ended up hurting me. Most of the girls I know just like me as a friend but never as anything more than that. I just want someone good looking, chill and likes me for me, but I don't know how to do that. Any suggestions or tips are welcome.


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  • Well there are lots of ways to meet people but I've truly found that love appears when you're least expecting it. So as difficult as it is, stop looking for love and let it happen.

    That said, you can certainly increase the odds of letting it find you. Get out there. Do things you enjoy. Join groups or participate in activities that interest you. This will give you something to talk about when you see a woman that you like. It also gives you the opportunity to run into her without the awkwardness of asking for that first date so early.

    Don't discount the possibility that one of your other friendships could grow into something more as well. Try getting to know your friends on a deeper level. Friendship is the best foundation for any relationship so don't tune it out completely.

    Either way, good luck!


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  • The best thing for you to do is just live life normally, don't go out of your way looking or trying to make things work. Sooner or later, someone will come. That's just how it clicks.

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