I can't understand what's going on, can anyone explain me or try to?

We went 3 week relationship, i tried convince her to back to me, but i stoped talked. 1 week after she started talking to me saying that she misses me, etc. But i didn't make imediatly conclusions. I waited a bit more, then we stop talking. After while she said sorry for everything she have done and:

Yesterday i was at a party with a friend and she was there, she went to me and hugged me, I asked what she wanted, she almost went away and I grabbed her arm and made her say what she wanted, she started to cry and I wiped her tears and we hugged again and then we had a kiss. I asked if we were in a relationship, she said she did not know because he was afraid to make a mistake, then I asked what kind of mistake she said she did not know, I then said to shut up and risk it. She said: ok then

On the same day (it passed midnight), she not called me love just said "I love you". Later i asked if she was going to the party (it was the last day) she said yes but that was with a friend (female friend), I asked if she wanted me to go to with her she said she was going to stay with her friend, because did not want to "stifle it" and have her own fun without me there controlling her.

It is strange for me, because when we were dating for the first time she called me "love" etc, and now she doesn't, only "me too" when i tell her i love her or "i love you"

What do you think?

I really love her, and this time im making sure we go slowly.. not rushing thinks like on the first time

If you want to know what happen when we were dating + after the breakup:
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Bump still need more answers
This week she started on far school that im currently am. I kept asking about his new school how things are going because i want she have sucess in her career but i think she doesn't see that. Yesterday at night i send her my schedule of school and she was like: ok then i said how the day went, good or bad, she said good
After that i said: "i will go dinner, brb, love you" she didn't reply so i noticed that she was busy and didn't talked to her.


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  • Dude you are on a trip to Disneyland cause this is one hell of a roller coaster ride.

    • I can see that i'm emotions rollercoaster, thanks anyway xD
      Any suggestions / opinions?

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    • Good luck. Just try to go slow and hold her whenever she looks sad.

    • Thank you very much!

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  • That girl is ''flaky'' aka looks like she cannot make her mind. Be warned that you are going on a rollercoaster ride of emotion if you keep dating her. Its up to decide if you want to ride or not.

    • How you define the term of "flaky"?

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    • Just remember to respect yourself. You don't have to become a floor mat for her.

    • I'm more capable to respect her and looking on helping her on anything that will cross to us even caring of her, than me, but thanks anyway :)

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