How did you and your last ex break up?

Why did you break up? How was it said? Who broke up with who?

I've never broken up with anyone before, I don't see how you can love someone and then just... Not? I couldn't picture not wanting to be with my boyfriend
  • I've broken up with someone before
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  • I've always been the one to be broken up with :(
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  • I've been both dumper and dumpee
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  • I've been neither
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I want to know more of what was said and how someone actually breaks up with someone, not that you HAVE broken up with someone lol


Most Helpful Guy

  • My ex was extremely emotionally abusive as well as manipulative, and she would constantly break up with me, only to take me back right afterwards. Whenever I would try to leave her, she would guilt trip me by threatening to self harm or attempt suicide.

    After about 5 months, I finally had enough of her bullshit and I broke up with her.

    • Oh and I did it through text because it was a long distance relationship (I live in Orlando and she lives in San Francisco).

    • Wtf sounds crazy

Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh man... let's see.

    My last boyfriend and I broke up for a plethora of reasons. All of which happened on the same day.

    A. He kissed another girl
    B. He punched our mutual friend for talking to me
    C. He tried to choke me out

    So... yeah. We broke up.

    • Damn D: how long were you guys going out? We're there ever any signs that he would get violent?

    • Only 9 months. And no, he just kind of flipped. It was weird. But I wasn't having any of that in my life.

    • That's scary that someone can just change without warning, but at least you're done with it

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What Guys Said 3

  • It was a mutual breakup, didn't make it any less dramatic though. Not sure why this option wasn't included in the poll or was that meant to be C? :P

    • Dramatic how? And I don't know I guess it could be option c lol

    • I mean I still cried for 3 days or something even though we both agreed that it doesn't make sense to continue on. ;)

  • Hmm I told her I didn't want to be with her like that anymore. We weren't compatible on multiple levels but I'm always the person who tries to make things work. In the end I realized that you can't force two ends of the same magnet together because there will always be resistance.

  • She broke up with me in a heartbeat 😭

    • Why? How did she say it? How long were you guys a couple?

    • I was a horrible boyfriend. Have a nice life. And a couple months.

What Girls Said 6

  • I am still in my first relationship. Though one day he tried to break up with me because I wa shaking to college and he was scared he would be holding me back (as he is younger). Though I convened him he wouldn't hurt me being with me and that I wanted him, so it all worked out. I've never had a long term break up I guess you could say then. I really can't see myself breaking up with me current boyfriend

  • I have always been the one ending things - never had my heart broken.
    In the last relationship things just were off for the last 6 months and neither of us were really feeling it anymore. We stopped listening to each other and trying to work things out, I was just the one to cut the cord.

  • I broke up with my first ex over text after finding out he cheated. I broke up with my second ex over text and in person because he was abusive. My last ex kind of did it in person and through text when he left me.

  • I broke up with them because it wasn't working out.

    • Yeah but how do you mean? Didn't see each other often? Just had nothing in common? Didn't get along?
      How did you break up? Did you sit down and say it? Or was it a text?

    • Just didn't really have much of a connection after a point. I told him face to face.

  • My last relationship was the hardest, it lasted 2 years since last October and haven't gotten over him since bit I'm working on it, it's a long process and I loved him very much

    • Why did you break up? Who broke it off? How was it worded?

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    • Wow that's sucks! Parents should mind their own damn business when their children are adults capable of making their own decisions 😤
      Unless it was justified? :o

    • It was justified in the legal sense it's just.. I really loved him and it's going to take a while to actually find another guy for me, I don't know if I'll find him actually lol

  • I'm always the one doing the breaking up.

    • How did you break up last time? How did you say it to them?

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