Why was my date asking who was texting me?

I went on a date the other day which went quite good actually. I hadn't been looking at my phone but as I was leaving the guy's place, I went to get my coat to get ready. I looked at my phone to see anyone had texted me. The guy came over and then asked me who it was who had texted me. I told him it was just a friend. He then went on to say "that's a bit late for a friend to be texting.."

Why would he be saying this? Was there more behind his comment or am I looking too much into it?


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  • That dude seems a bit over jealous. Its a red flag darling.

    • I know.. it did seem a bit too much, considering the fact that it was only our first date.

    • In my book, until you both agree to be exclusive, who you talk to is none of his business.

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  • he thought you were seeing another man.


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  • I think it was just a wrong move, because now he's thinking that you may have been expecting someone else's call/text while you're a on a date w/ him. Even IF you were on the way out from his place. In a situation like this I don't think there's anyone to blame, or put into the wrong, but a natural reaction at a bad timing that can and has left a somewhat of a little seed of doubt into his head.


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