How were you rejected?

What did you say and what did they say? I know how difficult it is to even talk to the one you like and worse to get rejected. It is a minefield out there, kudos to all my fellow comrades fallen in battle!! Haha


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  • This is how it went: I asked him out and invited him over to hang out. We played video games, I bought him dinner, and thought thinks went great. At the end of his shift the next day, he called me and told me: "He really liked me but didn't think dating was the best course of action." Like he was selling property or something. I took a breath and calmly said: "That's okay ____, I didn't have any set expectations. I appreciate you being upfront before we took this further." Then I yelled "FUCK YOU" AFTER I hung up to get my frustrations out.


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  • I got rejected lots of time before, so I'll tell you about my last rejection: She had been avoiding me for the past two weeks, claiming she was ''busy'', so I did a ''preemptive strike'' And texted her: Hi Miss, I think its obvious I am more into you than you into me. I think we should end our short but fun dating period. There are no hard feelings, nor regrets. So if we come across each others by chance, don't feel awkward, come say hi. Take care''

    Then she responded in the line of '' I actually wanted to talk to you about it, I am too busy to date anyone bla bla bla (while I actually saw her on Tinder two days after I ended it.), its not you its me etc''

    My guts feeling tells me there was another dude. But anyway its none of my business.

    Anyhow, nowadays when I sense it gets woobly, I get out early with my dignity.

    • i guess sometimes a preemptive strike is not good not even if it's a nuke haha

    • no no it was good actually. Helped me move on and not end up being ''Ghosted''

    • "I am busy right now" the ultimate cliche

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  • I can't remember the last time I was rejected. And I don't mean that in a "I'm too awesome and pretty to be rejected way", I mean it in a "I don't put myself out there TO be rejected anymore" way.

    Which is fine by me. The last time I was rejected would probably be the end of middle school / earlier years of high school.

  • Okay so the first guy I had feelings for, we were like 16 and both shy but we flirted for over a year and it was obvious we both had a thing for each other.
    But then he stopped cold so out of panic I told his friend that I liked him and I didn't know what to do about it. A couple days later he reports to me that my "crush" doesn't feel the same way.
    I still had to see him and it was awkward, I was very very hurt but I got over it.

    Next guy I liked. Well we kissed and cuddled and spent all our time together but when I told him through text that I liked him he straight up ignored me but still came over the next day and just teased me about it. It wasn't awkward. I just kept my cool.

    You have to develop this mindset like "I am what I am, I love who I am, if she doesn't, its not the end of the world. That's her loss."

    • If you're curious, when I texted him I basically said that I have started to develop feelings but I don't know if he feels the same. But regardless I know we should just be friends

    • I got to tell ya, with guy #1 this could be tricky listen when i was in school the hottest probably popular girl in school since all the guys eyeing her, turned out liking me and i of course crushing on her. She sent this one dude to tell me that she liked and he looked mad cause he had to let me know she wanted me even though he wanted her as well. When i told him to tell her i like her, i dont think he relayed the message.

      Guy#2 it's usually better in person so you can see his reaction, body language etc.

    • Guy #1, I think he just lost feelings for me. Why I can't say but I am almost sure he at least had a little crush before but it died down.

      Guy #2 is more complicated, only reason I told him I liked him was bc he told our friend he had feelings for me but we fight too much. I'm guessing he was too immature to even reply with a "nah I don't like you like that. " he was on and off with a girl and no matter what we had between us I think at the end of the day he wanted to commit to her. I am heart broken over him for other reasons so its best to just let it go.

  • i was told i just wasn't good enough...

    • ok but how did you ask him out?

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  • It was at a bar for bikers, manly tattooed men. I was hammered and dressed in a pink shirt. I went up to a girl at the bar and whispered in her ear "Hey". She said the most hateful thing to me someones ever said. "You are not the boy for me, and you will never be".

    What happened next? We are getting married next month :D jk don't know what happened to that bimbo.

    • haha you had me going there, but i thought girls liked guys drunk with pink shirts, i'm going to have to change my game lol

    • Go figure. Even the classiest, boy-band-member-like drunk can't win over a frozen heart

  • "I'm kinda talking to someone else, sorry I'm really sorry x4"

    me: "don't worry about it, i understand no worries ahah" that was the fakest laugh I ever did

    • ouch like saying sorry a bunch of times is going to soothe

  • I was getting to know a girl at work, in a different department, and were talking and chitchatting at work so I asked her to hang and she said we will see, not a no, so I asked her for her number before I left work. And she says I don't give my phone number out I am kinda seeing a guy named Kurt. Didn't show I was pissed I said alright and Ill see you around. I left said Fuck It and left and took a walk. I still talk with her on occasion I am not a dick lol. But came to noticed I was only attracted to her and nothing else.

    • well at least you tried

    • Yup gotta keep trying dude. Its not hard after I calmed down I was good haha it doesn't take long. Plus woman will consider how you take rejection

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