Im in love with my best friend should I tell her?

Her andi have always been really flirty and said wed date eachother but during our friendship her and i both have been in separate relationships (that lasted no longer than 3 monthes) Often times we are like "oh sorry i almost kissed you" We both want tokiss eachother and i would just plant one on her but we are both victims of sexual assualt and i dont want her to feel trapped
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  • Tell her but by all means take things slow, you were both sexually assaulted maybe it will be just a Friends With Benefits type of relationship just be careful on how you approach things and by no means let some shallow minded person bring you down
    on what sexuality preference that you like. I support you whether your Male/ Female or Transgender it makes no difference to me we are all Gods children whether your a believer or not God loves us all. People who put others down have no life they
    just want be immature little muther fukers who can talk the talk but can't walk the walk
    best wishes in whatever choices you make XD


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  • Let her know you are sensitive to her situation and if she needs time to decide about dating you it's fine, you're there for her


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  • Tell her its good to become a lesbian

    • Hahaha were not gay I clicked the wrong gender identity true though

  • Yea dude. You shouldn't hide your feelings.


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