Dating your best friend?

Me and my best friend have been flirting for well over a year now and I do not know if it is time to pull the trigger and ask her out or not.
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  • OMG DO IT!

    BUT... but. u r 15 and i have to give u the talk :P

    u need to be pretty damn careful before u make a decision like this, because if u 2 go out, and something messes up, and u lose her, and she never speaks to u again, u will both be broken for awhile. i know it's easy to think it'll last, trust me, but if u really really care, u will either wait a little bit more out of respect, or date her and take bloody good care of her.

    good luck =]


Most Helpful Guy

  • The first thing I want to say is that I think you have the greatest name ever conceived. I have no bias as to why that is lol

    Yeah dude ask her out if you feel you two have a connection. Keep in mind though that at your age a lot of dating isn't going to last a hell of a long time. If you value her friendship over the relationship experience then don't. If you want to take the chance then go for it. The choice is up to you but I want to give you things to be mindful of.


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  • Weeell. If you guys have been flirting then go for it.
    Usually i dont recommend people going out with their best friends though. Because if the relationship ends, you guys will no longer be friends.
    I dated my best friend and then after we broke up we tried to continue being friends and it all fucked up and i was depressed for months :/

  • Couples who are best friends are the best couples ever.

  • Do it! If it goes well then it'll be best thing ever!


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