Any advice for a newly forming romance? (see details) ?

I met Ryan about 8 months ago , while training for my current job at the Olive Garden. For me it was love at first sight. A few months went by , and we hung out a few times , went on a few dates... About a month ago things got more serious , and he moved a lot closer. I thought I would be able to see him more often since the 45 minute drive to his place was now only 5-10 minutes. I really like this guy , and I think he really likes me. I've given up a lot of unhealthy behaviors for him (smoking cigarettes , binge drinking , etc) and he even inspired me to go back to school. But there's a few red flags for me. He constantly gives me scenarios , such as "if i cheated on you and then asked you to marry me , what would you say?" or "what if i find some super hot nurse who has a lot more in common with me than you?" . yesterday he told me he really doesn't like working with me , which sucks , cuz i really enjoy working with him. Sometimes he can be really sweet and romantic , but other times he makes me feel as if i'll never be good enough for him , despite all of the drastic life changes i have made for him. any opinions , comments , or advice are welcomed and appreciated !


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  • He's messing with your self-esteem. This guy obviously doesn't like you -the way you do with him. For that reason, I suggest you leave him and focus on yourself and improve all your insecurities. That way when you go back int he dating scene you will be more self secure.

    • hmm. i didn't expect self esteem to be a factor , but i guess its possible. he says he likes when a girl gets jealous. but i dont like being jealous... i have always considered myself a confident person , i just would hate to have to end things / : at any rate , thanks for replying !!

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