Girls, so I really like this girl and I'm not sure what to think anymore?

For 3 months last year we liked eachother and I didn't even know it. Long story short, I started being a jerk to her to show her I didn't need her and it turned out she liked me. She is really popular and a lot of other boys like her. There has always been this one kid that she "liked" last year and its the same kid this year. I mean he is better looking, taller, and little more popular than me. The only thing im better than him at is sports. I mean a lot of girls like him, and all she does is talk about him and "oh he is so hot" blah blah blah. Its so much i was thinking she might be trying to make me jelous. Something I thought was weird was when i was walking with a few kids and she was in the group with the kid she talks about, and she like "hey ryan" with a smirking face which pissed me off. Then after my game she started texting me like oh hey how was the game. She thinks Im "not a bad choice' according to my friend. Sometimes I wanna text her so bad but I dont want to make it obvious I like her, she always responds right away, too. She claims she doesn't like him or anyone for that matter which i know is a lie. She also is smart when it comes to this crap, like she knows what to do, but I dont understand half the crap. Thats basically it I dont know if she is trying to make me jelous or doesn't like me at all. Thanks


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  • Maybe just start a conversation with her. Become friends with her instead of enimies, that will give her absolutely no reason to piss you off if you're being nice to her. The more you talk to her and be nice to her and message her, the closer you might come to actually dating her. I would suggest talking to her subtly about her opinions on guys and why she likes this other guy so much. Be completely honest with her. Girls hate it when boys lie


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