Is it too soon to buy this gift for his birthday?

We started dating 3 weeks ago, but we've been going pretty fast. We both seem to feel an incredible connection to each other. His birthday is coming up in a week and I was planning to do something nice, but simple like baking a cake or cookies for him.

Yesterday when we were together he mentioned how he would really love to have a watch (around $60-$65) and how much he would appreciate it if I got it for his birthday.

It's not that I wouldn't be willing to spend the money, it's that I'm thinking that a watch is a significant gift and I was also surprised that he actually told me what gift he wants.

I really do like this guy and I want to get to know him better. This is the first time in my life that I felt like I've met someone who is so right for me. It's exciting to see that he feels the same way. We are clearly exclusive and I have already spent a few days at his place.

Am I over thinking this and I should just get him the watch he wanted or should I try to take this more slowly?



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  • You both are so new to each other I was liking the idea and thinking why not until I read he had wanted you to spend $65 dollars on a watch for him and when your new like that you dont ask for things like that being only 3 weeks into the relationship


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  • @leah1013, I feel that it may be too soon to be this Extravagant even though you use the word "Official," which is okay. You both seem to be sizzling with amazing chemistry and this fine but wait a bit in time to make sure everything is Koshore as a pickle.
    If he sees you have these high tastes, he may start to take advantage of the fact that you like to spend good money on your honey, and without really knowing him that well, you cannot really tell.
    Go slow with the buying. Pick out something special right now like a nice sweater or something around thirty dollars for now. Then when or if you see he is your Everything, you can See also if he is a big spender on you or what he might do.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He is using u for money,
    he will dump u when u will stop spending money on him. beware


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  • I think personally Leah he shouldn't be asking for any gift at this stage in dating. Your idea of cookies or a cake sounds good and a nice gesture. Good luck :-)

  • That doesn't sound good.

    He wants you to spend $65
    He told you what he wants and you have been datin only for a few weeks?

    Red flag.


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