Is he just in it for sex?

So I've been dating this guy for just over 2 weeks now, we've hung out about 4 times, two of which I stayed at his (no sex).

Now I don't know if it's me being paranoid as I've been used for sex in the past or if he really is just looking to get laid. See the good things are he's opened up to me emotionally which I can't see a guy doing if he's just after sex he even suggested if be in his life for a while saying you'd of known sooner or later might as well know now.

I've told him I want to wait to have sex until I'm sure, he says it's fine and even though we have fooled about he's always respected by decision. I also laid down that I wasn't in this for just sex & that wasn't what I was after he said he never thought I was that girl & that was what I was after.

Now ow the things worrying me is lately our plans have been last min, late at night & normally involve staying at his house. He has been very busy so I'm not sure if he's fitting me in where he can or just he doesn't want to go out.

Can I have some opinions?


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  • what's important is how he's treated you the two times you stayed over.

    did he go as far as he could until u had to stop him? how persistent is he if u did stop him...

    a good example of too much persistence is him trying to get his hand between your legs, and you continue to remove it (numerous ).

    • He will go as far as he can but when I say no he won't push it any further & resume to how we was before which is everything up to third base. He also cuddled me all night the first time I stayed & wouldn't let me go. The second time I stayed he cuddled me but not so much. We joke around a lot, and we're always looking at each other and smiling. He's always touching me like running his hands up & down my back etc. most of the time we just joke about & he mocks & mimics my actions.

    • given your stance on sex, a gentleman would stop himself before you'd say no. bt in his case, he'd get it in if you didn't prevent him. does that sound like someone concerned w/ the future and what you insisted was important?

      constantly touching you, and joking in between (to make u feel comfortable), staring (trying to break u by givin u a look), cuddling (showing u he has self control when touching you, to convince you it's not only sex he wants)

      unfortunately, he's focused on getting it in. decline in showing interest after you thwarted his first attempt is also indicative of just wanting sex.

      sorry =(

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