How to make the next move?

I met him (Let's call him sven) a months ago when he and his friend Tom chilling out on a terrace of a bar, and he asked me if I wanted to join them so I did. I think he likes me, and I think even his friend knows that. But in the end I left in a rush so we don't have each other's contacts. Then several days ago I met Tom again on the terrace, without him. Then Tom and me changed each other's number. How do I ask Tom to go out together with Sven or things like that? They are both busy and Sven doesn't live in our town..


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  • ask for it. but never, I repeat: never go out for a drink, you might be used by that person. boys are boys. sometimes they find pleasures, you might be his victim if hie feels/wants to fuck someone. just a friendly advice. :)

    • how to ask for it?

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    • but how to ask Tom out? I only have Tom's number not Sven's as you may know. I think Sven must like me because of what Tom told me, and I could also see that..

    • you said you sometimes see him in the terrace, so approach him. tell him your plans.

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  • I would just tell him straight upfront the next time you see him "youre a great guy, but i would just like to be friends". If he agrees to being just friends, then great. If not then thats okay.

    • did you even understand what I write?

      I like him, but I don't have his number, I only have his friends'