What does it mean when a guy keep snapchat me, but never respond to mine?

I know he have liked me for a long time, specially last year. And we snap chatted a lot. Then I met a new guy, and that didn't really work out. Now I try to contact him on snapchat. But he never respond to any of mine, just keep sending me stuff. And I am on the top of his list, so he doesn't snapchat others, I think. I have no clue how to read this guy, please help!


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  • it means he's sending out snaps to everyone to up his snap score.

  • Hmm... well what kinds of things does he snap you? Just random stuff

    • It is different kind of stuff. When he is going to work out, things he accomplish. For example he just sent a funny snap, about how "adult" he feels.

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