How to go about asking a guy I hooked up with to grab a coffee?

so i met this guy at the a bar, both were dancing, he was dancing alone so i told him to join me. We made out three times that night.

He then walked me home, he JUST walked me home. The next day he messaged me and we have been talking since then. We met on staurday, today its Monday.

Anyway, he's really cute and he seems like a really cool guy, and i want to grab a coffee or something with him, but im affraid of comming across as to agressive or too in his face.

So how to go about this?


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  • Just say would you like to have coffee that's like the lest agressive meeting possible


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  • I see no harm in grabbing a joe with Joe, being you have already lip locked 'Three times that night.'
    Time to share, if you dare, into somemore Open lines of convo now. You are texting and talking so maybe he has been waiting to make sure you won't turn him down For... Tea for two.
    Go ahead and ask him if he might like to hang out some night for a coffee at a nice cafe somewhere. tell him it might be nice to get together to talk and afterwards, take a walk.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Don't think about what he's going to think, just be yourself and ask him to get coffee together.


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