How does he feel? is it love? or just obligation?

I've been in a serious relationship with my boyfriend for 4 months. We've known each other 6 months. Our relationship has been great up until my mom passed away. I can't figure out if he loves me or just feels obligated to stick around. He was there for me at her funeral and often tells me how proud he is of me for being so strong. When we are together we have fun and relax and I know he's attracted to me but I'm starting to wonder how he really feels. At this point in time I'm not ready to actually ask him in case he doesn't say he loves me. I've read men who love you stick around even in bad times and obviously this is a awful time for me. What do you think?


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  • where it sounds like your relationship with this guy was solid before your mom passed away, i'd say it's a safe bet that he does love you in some way.

    chances are that, while you're grieving, he's unsure of how to talk to or act around you because he can't relate to what you're going through. that said, it sounds like he's making an effort, which speaks volumes about the kind of guy he is.


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  • If its a serious relationship you shouldn't have to be "ready" to ask him anything especially if it concerns your feelings. Just let him know that you appreciate him for sticking by your side during this rough time. He probably does love you.

  • I think he loves you... saying what he has is a massive sign of that...

    • I wish he would say it so I don't have to wonder. Thanks so much for replying.

    • maybe he is thinking he doesn't want to stress you out further so is holding back?

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