Girls, is this a proper date? Would you like that? [16/17yo]?

Going to the City, just hanging out & go Shopping, then getting dinner and go to a movie. By the way is that to much? It'd be the 2nd date (3rd.. but i didn't Count 1 as a date) and we dont see eachother at all besides that. It's not to warm so being in a Center, Restaurant, Cinema would be good, at least that's what i think.

Also i think by Shopping & movie you get closer & by haning out and dinner you get to know each other better.^


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  • Not something that I would like for second that honestly.

    Dinner would make me feel nervous.

    But it sounds good.

    I would have liked it if it wasn't for my awkwardness in eating in front of strangers/crushes.


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