Girls, Why would you approach first, but not give your contact?

Why have OR would you approach a Random guy first to have a conversation with him , but when the random guy asks for your number, you DON'T give your number?

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  • maybe we were atracted to him, but then we didn't like his personality. or he was only attractive from far away. its happened to me before. kinda sucks and makes for a little bit of an awkward situation, but it happens.

    • Thanks :) If you approached a random guy 2 or 3 times , but then don't give your number when he asks for it... Is it because you were attracted to him but didn't like his personality?

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    • Not necessarily. But sometimes. Shy is kinda a turn on or a challenge.

    • I thought girls give attention to a random guy if they are only attracted to him?

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