How should I reassure my girlfriend she doesn't have to worry about being pregnant?

We're 24 and have been together since 19. We graduated college 2013 and have good jobs so we can support a child. When she skipped her period 2 weeks ago we got her tested and she is pregnant. We live together and are not engaged but I plan to marry her and she is freaked out. She is worried about being pregnant and doesn't want to have a terrible pregnancy and I keep telling her she will be fine and I'll take care of her if need be. Our parents don't know cause we're waiting to tell them until her mom's birthday next week.


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  • Does she want to have the baby and is just stressed? Or is she apprehensive about even having it? If it's the later I'm not sure there is much you can do or say & truly if she isn't on board this could lead to some really big problems down the line.

    If she's just nervous go to a birthing/pregnancy class with her, it's pretty normal to be scared of something new. Just be supportive and buy books and attend classes, that'll show her you are there and hopefully ease her anxieties about the process.

    • She wants to have the child but doesn't want to have morning sickness etc. It's understandable but I still want her to understand I'm there for her and I'll support her. We didn't use protection and bkth agreed we want a family so I doj t she doesn't want the kid.

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    • I'll be there for her she's just so in shock at the moment I may wait until we tell her parents and my parents to really set a plan. I never realized how being a guy is so easy. I would be afraid to carry a kid for 9 months myself.

    • Yea it's heavy stuff. Her or your mother will probably be a great support since they've been there. The fact that you're asking this means you guy's will figure it out though. Good luck and congratulations!!!

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