I can't stay away from my first love?

I'm so addicted to her. I've never been so obsessed with someone before. Most girls come to me and are addicted to me. But she is my weakness. She does nothing but hurt me, but i can't help myself. I'm so afraid of being alone, and i dont want anyone else but her..


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  • Buddy, it's high time to move on. Why should you be there, mourning over lost causes and thinking about what ifs with her when you can go out and experiance all of those things with a real girl who reciprocates your feelings. My mom always says that the mantra to be happy is to be with someone who loves you more than you love them. The first step out of your misery is to WANT to move on and BELIEVE that you can. Why waste your time and energy on someone who probably doesn't even care about you while you could utilise that time on your own personal development or even try to form new and better relationships. If I sit here crying about why didn't god give me wings, I'll never know how much more fun sky diving is. Lol poor example but you get my point, right?
    Have fun and don't get too serious about trivial stuff like this, life is much more than that :D

  • That's so sweet! You keep a tight hold of her and never let her go!


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