Should I confess to girl that has a boyfriend?

As the title suggests, I really like this girl who is attached. I met her during my summer internship and we have been in contact ever since. We do not talk every day but she does find me every once in awhile. I am pretty sure that she has feelings for me, however, I have been giving her signals that I am not going to do anything because I am not. She has even told me multiple times that she is not in a very serious relationship.

I am leaving for university tomorrow and will not be home for a year at least. I want to keep our relationship the way it has been with the possibility of us dating in the future. However, I feel that if I do not let her know my feelings I will not be able to enjoy myself while in university. I will constantly be thinking about her and unable to meet other girls.

Therefore, should I let her know how I feel before I leave? I do not want to risk the possibility of a future and given circumstances, I know nothing will happen out of this.


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  • Just confess to her and tell her that you still wouldn't like to jeopardise her current relationship. If she is indeed 'not serious' about eh other guy, as she claims, she may unite with you. Too many ifs and buts, though. Don't pin too much hopes on this girl.


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