Dumped my boyfriend and now he's messaging me again 6 months later?

I went out with this guy and at first it was really good but he goes to a different college to me and lives about an hour away so it was hard to see him and nearer the end he stopped putting effort it. He didn't open my messages until a day later purposely and basically tried to make me dump him. Don't get me wrong he was a really nice person but he didn't think it was working so he tried to let me down the easiest way which was showing me he didn't care so I'd break up with him. I did and we didn't speak ever again. I was really sad. I got over him and just as I did (6 months later) he messaged me again saying hey and he apologised for everything and said he felt so bad. And I told him it's okay, then we spoke for like a week (him started the conversation almost every time) and I told him I still like him and he said "I do but I kinda don't" and I said it's okay. Then the day after I mentioned mayb trying again and he said it'd be worth a shot but then slowly tried to change conversation and he said night a few sentences after. (To be fair it was late but still) and he hasn't messaged me since its been about 3 days. I think I freaked him out but I still like him. Should I message him?


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  • I have to ask, "What has changed". I had an ex that I truly loved and thought seriously about marrying. However, like you we ended up in two different parts of the county. We tried to make a long distance thing work, but we both agreed that it wasn't going to, and mutually separated as friends. Like you about a 6 months later she contacted me, thinking that she made a mistake, wanting to see if we could work things out. I told he that nothing has changed with me. I was still in collage and I would be for another 2 years. While I loved her and wished we could work things out, we both knew that a long distance relationship didn't work for us. She, being recently graduated, said she would move back to where we grew up (and I still live). I thought this was grate, except 2 weeks later she got a job offer in New York. Again, our relationship wasn't enough for her, as she wanted this job over me. It just wasn't going to work, and we again went our separate ways. We could be friends, but nothing more. So again, I ask, "What has changed". You and he have the same problems. Unless something is different this time, you are only going to end up in the same place as before, and why put yourself through that again.


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