Is it good to play hard to get with a guy? I am wanting to text him but I don't wanna seem to keen?

Me and the guy have been txting for a month everyday. We have agreed to meet at the weekend and I am worried he might cancel or get cold feet. But I also feel that I might not be his type of girl or that but he has seen pics of me and full length ones so he knows what I am like. We have a good bit in common and have spoke on the phone a few times but I feel when we meet he ain't gonna be the same and I am worried and thinking of cancelling. I also keep comparing myself to his ex and thinking why would he like me don't if I am just panicking to much or that. But from what I have read from him and spoke with him I like him. But today I ain't heard from him at all and I know he was drinking last night so could be rough but I am wanna text him but just don't wanna seem to keen? Advice please thanks x

Well that is very true. It is tomorrow night and I am so nervous which ain't like me. I just want to know how I will know if he likes me or that what will the signs be?


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  • Dear God just tell him. What's you're alternative send brain waves? By the way we can't read signals either

    • Don't want to say to him I like him Incase he don't feel the same or that. Then I won't look stupid. thanks for u advice tho :-)

    • What's more stupid? Asking and knowing or not asking and not know?

  • Confess your feelings. Either he rejects them or he reciprocates them and you guys go and date. Either of those options is better than what you're going through now.


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