Is she messing with me? If a she just want to be friends and know how much I like her shouldn't she avoid few things?

I've been friends with this girl for at least 11 years, she dated my ex roommate. Over the last 5 years we have become very closed, i think she is a very pretty person inside and out. After she said things to me like;my mother think there's something between us or my best friend said that we should date or i would date a guy like you, i told her i had feelings for her and she was very weird about it. She avoided me for months till i found out she was sick and since she lives alone away from her family i was there for her and always have been for whatever happens and she is very kind to me too. Lately she has spending more time alone with me, like going kayaking and spendind time at the beach with me, asking me to put lotion on her (its kind of a big deal since she is not like that at all), going for walks, dinners etc. Don't know what to make of it, i can't get her out of my mind and love being around her. I know she talks about me to everyne and sometimes i think the reason she will not give me a chance is because she is much taller than me. She knows i love her, my actions tells her that, what do you ladies think? Am i being played, used
'Do you think she likes me? or i have to grow a pair and make a move like going for a kiss? I love her friendship but i know it will end some day, Should i go for it?


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  • She probably don't want to lose what you guys already have! You could one day while you guys are talking slip into the right moment and say something like "I would love to give US a try and if it doesn't work out we can stay very good friends, nothing has to be wired between us, I just would love to try?" But that's just what I think

  • go for it buddy. it's hard dating a shorter guy but if you really love her, she might look past that


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