She said if I give u hope I'll be hurting u so much. I love her and I want us to be together. what does she mean. should I continue pursuing her?


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  • she means she's going to break your heart

  • She doesn't want to give you false hope. At this point, she's not ready for you.

    • If I love her should I be her friend and wait till she feels ready? She is at a stage where she is going to enter college and she has some personal problems. I can't tell u how much I love her. It's level is greater than any other one I've felt. She told me that she quickly shuts down and ignores any guy who talks to her. Hell I told her how I feel and still 5 months later and she still responds. I've been pursuing her for almost months. I'm not ready to give up. I know there is something. What should I do? I know some girls like a man who doesn't give up. She isn't the type that is playful with any man. She is a smiling calm... bit shy.. but talkative lady.

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    • Thanks I really needed that...

    • I believe in you

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