Girls, do you think guys greatly underestimate how their negative actions can hurt your feelings?

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Do you feel men are oblivious that the small things they may do could greatly hurt you?
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  • No , they know what they are doing
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  • I think guys do plenty of things that deeply hurt their girlfriends, and they don't even realize that the girlfriend is usually more mindful and knows not to say/do things like that to the guy because she doesn't want him to feel hurt.
    Which honestly just makes it worse, that the girl knows what not to do so she doesn't hurt the guys feelings, but the guy doesn't give the girl the same curtesy. it makes it seem like he doesn't care to care, ya, know?

    I think this is what guys don't get when a girl snaps. Girls hold back a lot of stuff they think will be hurtful to the guy, and when he does something he doesn't know is hurtful time and time again that's when girls snap and get "bitchy"


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