My boyfriend kissed his ex. What does that mean?

He kissed her right before we got together!

My boyfriend and I just started dating. He still talks to his ex. He went to a party she was throwing for one of her friends (after spending the WHOLE day out on a trip). I didn't really think anything of if, but I found out that HE ENDED UP KISSING HER AND HE WASN'T EVEN DRUNK! From what I understand, he left the party with one of his friends and came back alone. Just to hang out with her and her friends.

They've known each other a lot longer, but they didn't date for long (on and off for a couple of months...he kept breaking up with her). I only met him a couple of months ago. He never told her about me so I can't even blame her. We've only been official for about a week. The party was about a month ago.

It wasn't the first time either. They've kissed a couple of times since I met him. She even came over his place at like 3 in the morning once -- just to hang out! What does that mean? Does he still have feelings for her?

He went over her place once and they got drunk together with her roommates. And then he slept over! They didn't do anything but what the f***?! CLEARLY he has some sort of feelings for her, right?!
(he slept in her bed)...PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER!


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  • It means he still have feelings for her


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