Why do some people take a long time get over their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend?

I just want to know what it says about a person if they reminisce and talk about their ex. This guy did that the entire night, while also being very forward about his attraction to me. They broke up 2 years ago! Like I don't get it, I completely lose interest when they start talking about their ex. What's up with that?


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  • Some find it very hard to move on. They don't intentionally do it, they most likely are scared to like someone else in their life and when they attract someone they immediately wish it was their past attraction that was there.

    It's nothing personal. You either need to give him time or move on, but don't think it's because you've done anything. Emotions are difficult things to overcome. Sometimes, people may take years before they try dating someone else again.

    • It was the first time we officially hung out alone, we knew eachother in 7th grade though. But like who does that the first time? he was telling me he hasn't dated since then, but girls would want to date him and he'd deny them and they'd get pissed. The pattern seems that he isn't over his ex. But why the fuck did he tell me all that stuff? haha it's such a turn off when a guy you could potentially be into talks about their ex. Serious the biggest turn off in my opinion.

    • He shouldn't really waste other girl's time. He should be talking to friends about his ex. It's unfortunate that you like him and he's chatting all this stuff about his ex. I agree it's a major turnoff.

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  • He still has feelings for her


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