Some please give me advise?

Like this girl who goes to school in another state. Only contact is through Facebook. Anyway should I send her a message saying how I feel? What about having flowers delivered to her at her collage?

We we don't know each other by well just by name since we went to the same church before she left for collage.


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  • ... how can I put this gently... ? Flowers? no no no no. Flowers are only good once you are in a relationship. The first time for you would be to suggest how she would feel about coming over to see you or you coming over to see her at her college sometime. See where it goes from there. Slow and steady wins the race, trust me I learned it the hard way that you have to spoon fed yourself to girls. When you trying to woo a girl at first, under doing it is way better than over doing it.

    • Ok thanks. Our state fair Is coming up. I thought about messaging her and asking ifbshevwanted to go with me to it. You think that's a good idea?

    • As Charles Bukowski would say: Roll the dice. Do it.

    • Thanks for the help

  • never send messages like that unless you guys are actually together. its much better to do things in person.


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