Help with flirting please?

Ok guys, how do you flirt with a girl you like on messer of Facebook to see if she may have the same feelings. What do you say? I have no idea how to flirt.
Thanks for the help


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  • from a females perspective, compliments are a good way to let her know u notice her and appreciate something about her/her looks/her style. asking questions is sometimes good. lets her know ur interested. making her laugh and humoring her.

    • How can you know if you are in the friend zone or not? I just don't want to be to creepy because I only see her Facebook pic. She goes to school 2 hours away

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    • Ok. Thanks for the help! Have a great night

What Guys Said 1

  • I was going to give you advice but flirting on Facebook is stupid.

    • That's the only way to talk to this girl now that we went to separate collages. We are friends on Facebook. But I'm not sure if I'm in the friend zone or not

    • I'm sorry but I'm only good at face to face flirting.

    • No worries. Thanks

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