Should I be jealous of boyfriend's lesbian friend?

This relationship is very new to me. My boyfriend has a female friends who is a lesbian and very masculine like. They have known each other for years! However I cannot help but sometimes get a bit jealous. For example in the past, when he has traveled, she comes a long and they have even gone as far as to stay in the same hotel room with different beds. Sometimes she comes over and plays the video games with him etc. I just feel really jealous about the entire thing and it is making me want to end the relationship. He has told me he has no attraction to her whatsoever and I believe him, but at the same time I dont always want to be number 2.

Like for example my boyfriend came to church with me last week although he is agnostic. After church we ate lunch and he walked me to the door and seemed kind of rushed. I asked him why and he said that he had plans with (insert name her). I truly believe him when he says there is no attraction and he has introduced me as his girlfriend to friends and family, but I am kinda perturbed. I can't ask him to stop being friends with her, but what's a girl to do, lol


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  • You're upset because he should be paying more attention to you. Tell him so


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