I thought things were going really well with us but suddenly I'm getting a different vibe from him. What happened?

Ok so here's the story. I met this guy a little more than a week ago and I feel like we really connected. We did hookup twice and that weekend and basically spent the entire weekend together until he had to go home. He told me he was not looking for a relationship because he just got out of one a few weeks ago but I also just got out of one literally the weekend we met like he was there. But there were also two other guys trying really hard with me and it was really annoying for me so I think that might have something to do with him saying that but I don't know. We spent the whole weekend together because he hates my ex and didn't want to stay with his friend because he's roommates with my ex and he hates my ex. Last week we made plans for him to come down again and stay with me like he's not even going to tell his friend he's coming down because he wants to spend the whole time with me. But now he's more up in the air about coming down because he might not have enough money. He also said he was going to bed so we stopped texting but then he tweeted something 20 min later. We also barely talked this weekend but he did say he was out of range of cell service. He has also tweeted stuff to signal he's struggling with something relationship wise. I really like him and really hope this whole thing could work out for us because he's a really great guy and I really feel like we connected but I'm just scared something happened to jeopardize it.


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  • He might be in the air about you guys because of the distance wise he doesn't have enough money, he can barley get a signal if he never had a problem with his signal before and him being far away then he might be making a excuse either has been talking to his ex and she maybe trying to work things back out with him to where now he's confused but i don't think this has anything to do with your ex or your ex saying anything it might be the fact his ex is near him and he's running out of money to where he can't see you and thinks it won't work out i would try talking to him and be straight honest maybe try getting a hotel and staying up there in his area to make it work or giving him money to get gas to come see you or take turns seeing each other and find a solution that works best for you and him seeing each other but i do think he likes you still and is confused emotionally about everything


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