Guys, we were getting pretty close with a guy and then he just stopped wanting to see me. Why?

So there was this guy and we were getting pretty close, and he kept saying I was pretty and we hooked up a few times and he said he didn't mind what was happening between us.

Then one day he called me out with one of my friends and one of his friends, and we went to a park dunring the night. Then when he left I asked him if we would see each other again and he was like yes definitely, and we kissed.

So I texted him if he would go to town this weekend, and he was like 'i dont know yet' and a few days later i texted him how are you and if he wanted to go out sometime and he just answered 'i'm okay, and sorry but I won't have any time this weekend..'. Then i met him in town and we just said hi.

Do you think his friend could have said something about me that night we went out? And do you have any ideas of what is up with him?


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  • seems like he has lost some sort of interest on you. I'm not saying you should playing harder to get, but indeed, you should move on and find another better guy. He has other women hanging around at this point.

    • Okay I get it. Thanks for the answer

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