How to ask a shy guy out?

Ways to ask a 19 yr old out
He's shy expecially when people are near
But talks to me when I'm on my own
And he communicates back
And is excited for me
And every how can I play it cool or any hood ways to state this


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  • 1. Walk up close time
    2. Place your hand on his crotch and begin rubbing his penis.
    3. Move closer to his ear and whisper "Wanna go out?"

    Works 100% of time.


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  • Gauge his feelings and drop hints that you like him.

    After you've talked to him for awhile, transition conversations onto a more personal level. Perhaps talk about what you both are looking for in a person, and drop hints that what you're looking for is him.

    Good luck.

    • We do talk I finally got him to converse with me
      And now he starts convos with me yay
      And I think he knows I like him I feel like he likes me too
      hopefully haha

      And yeah I'll give it a shot thank you

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  • Just start doing more things with him to increase your face time. Shy guys are looking for signs of interest, but what happens is that when we do get the signs, usually we'll convince ourselves that they aren't real and that there's no way she could be into us. That said, it will take quite a bit of convincing for him to understand that you really do like him. Spend time with him and flirt and he'll eventually see that your interest is real.

  • Just say "Hey, wanna hang out sometime? Or maybe grab a meal or something?"

    • Yeah you make it sound easy
      I dont get to see him again until next week so I have a whole week to build up courage haha

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    • Good luck! And go at him with all guns blazing, so that he just can't refuse! :P

    • Hqha I will hahah
      Well try hah

  • Simply ask him if he wants to go out.


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