Are we crazy or is he full of it?

I gave this guy my number a few months ago, we talked on and off but for the last month and a half it's everyday. We don't get to see each other much because we both work a lot and I have a child. I really like him a lot I don't know what it is but something about him I'm just utterly drawn to. He told me he really likes me and is starting to really fall for me and passed a remark about starting to love me already. He also said he feels like we are meant to be and thinks we will get married. He has said he wants to have kids with me and wants me to move in with him like he feels like everything is going to happen so fast with us and he wants it. This sounds to good to be true , it sounds crazy but I feel the same way , I've never felt like this before. Almost every night recently he has brought it up. I feel like he's honest , he has no reason to bullshit me, I checked out if he has a record and made sure he's not on a sex offender registry being I have a child , he's clean I looked up everything I possibly could and I can't find anything wrong but I don't know it is fast and I feel the same but part of me is worried he's full of shit, or he will change his mind , I've never had a guy say things like this to me so soon and usually I'm good at seeing through bullshit but I can't help but question it. I have not slept with him yet and but we've talked about it and I said I want to (mutual.. obviously lol) I need advice please.


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  • Don't marry him, but be with him.

    Marriage is not just some extra step in love, it's the LAST step in love. You should only marry someone when you feel like you can't love them any more than you already are. And you need to get out of the "Honeymoon stage" (when you two can't keep your eyes off of each other) before you should think about it.


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