Your best friend says she's been a cheater in the past?

I have been getting very close with this girl the last few weeks. We are almost at the point of being in a relationship. After I had her over my friends house, he asked to not bring her again because: she's cheated on two of his friends. Basically, he says she is bad news. He also believed she is currently is in a relationship. But I find this highly unlikely.

Everything I've learned about her so far does not fit in with this. She told me that her last boyfriend cheated on her... She does have a flirty bubbly personality. He also said she was all over him when she came over.

Is it just her flirty personality that is starting rumors? I have not asked him to give me proof. I already brought up that he has a negative opinion of her through text. Now I feel like I'm in an awkward limbo and that the relationship cannot progress until this is dealt with. What do I do?


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  • stop listening to other people opinions. maybe that other person just wants to get in her pants as well and is trying to talk you out of it in that way!


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  • If its one thing I've learned about these kinda stories.
    Best listen to the Bros.

    Just from my experience from a somewhat similar story.
    She was a hoe.

    Good luck mate !


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