He says he doesn't want to be with me but?

I've been seeing this guy for a year (Never official). In the early months, I hooked up with someone else, who was his friend and i didn't know at the time until I told him about everything. He was upset, we tried to work things out, but the pain is still there, the feelings of betrayal, dishonesty, and disloyalty. We both decided to keep things it between us, and only see each other. However, through it all, our feelings grew more and more, and he said he was falling for me. But then he found God, and we couldn't be together b/c of his finding faith. Our feelings were still there. Anyways, summer comes, and he tells me how he might hook up with other girls, and we both got upset over it, b/c him imaging me with someone else and vice versa. He also told me recently he doesn't want to be with me b/c "we constantly butt heads, and after all the crap we've been through" he doesn't want any part of a relationship in general. However. he still wants to hangout everyday, texts me everyday. calls me every night and we talk until we both fall asleep, he always hugs me and last night i fell asleep on his lap and woke up to him holding my hand tighter every time he felt me pulling away. Yet, i saw his texts and apparently he's asking girls when they are free to hangout. I am confused.


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  • You should be questioning why you've been seeing him for a year but you're not official. Why are you still seeing him when he says he doesn't want to be with you? He's just using you for sex or as a friends with benefits it seems. He can't be getting upset and feel betrayal if you're not together, you can sleep with anyone. Maybe if you became official, it would work out better. If not, stop seeing each other!


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