Confused with a guys intention?

So I've been dating this guy for just over 2 weeks now, we've hung out 4 times & we've enjoyed each other's company. We speak daily & he has opened up to me about things & spoke about things in future tense like things will be going on for a while. Things seem generally good except one thing.

These last two weeks the only time he's been able to see me is late on a Sunday night when I stay over. We haven't had sex yet, he knows I'm not ready & I also laid down at the begging of dating that sex wasn't what I was after. He said he didn't see me as that girl & he never thought it was what I was after. Now the only thing worrying me is the setup of when I see him.

I did ask him if he wanted to go for ice cream one day but he said he thinks he might be out with his friend & he'll check, he came back an hour later saying he was busy & that he was sorry but did say we'll go soon. Now I'm a bit worried as I've been played in the past before, am I in need to worry or is it nothing? I'm 50/50 if he's just in it for sex, like logically I want to say it isn't just sex but my fears are coming back to haunt me. If it is starting to turn into a booty call how do I turn it back around to dating again?


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  • I think you are over thinking it just be friendly and cool and stick to your guns about no sex yet! If he is a player he will bail it's way easier to get sex somewhere else; if not he'll stick around at least for a couple more dates...


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