Cuts me off?

There's this girl who I've gone on one date with. We decided to go on a second one, but she canceled the day before, saying that she had to go to her aunt's house. Because she didn't offer to reschedule, I was going to drop the whole thing, but then after a week of no contact she started contacting me again. So we had a text conversation and at the end of it I asked her if she wanted to go skating this week. I got no reply. That was two days ago. I can't understand why she'd just cut me off like that. This probably means she isn't interested, right? But why can't she just say "no", instead of leaving me hanging? I thought maybe I'd call her, but then decided against it because she, after all, did cancel on me on the last date so I figured if she had any interest left at all she'd be willing to take another shot.

Okay, update. 2 days later, she resumes the conversation like nothing ever happened and asked me what day. I said Friday and she said she was busy this weekend. So I gave her two options: Wednesday or Thursday and said pick one. And then, surprise,
she didn't respond. What the heck is going on?


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  • Once upon a time I was seeing this girl for about 2 weeks. The sex was good and the relationship seemed fine. Then one night she flaked out of a date and would not answer my text messages. I spazzed out and texted her somthing along the lines of "What did I do wrong" and that was when she finally replied "nothing I can't talk right now.", so I just left her alone. A month went by and I went to meet this guy my friend wanted me to meet. I said hi and then he introduced his fiance of two years and they were finally about to get married. Guess who she was? Moarl of the story is that there may be somthing going on that you don't know about. I wonderd for a long time about why that girl couldn't of just told me she had a man and that it was only about the sex. Just don't bother with her and I'm sure you will find out why down the road. Obviously she is not too concerned with you, so you not be so concerned about her.

    • Thanks for your story. Your last line especially rings true. But isn't it rude of her not to say ANYTHING at all? Am I wrong for thinking that?

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    • Okay, thanks. So if she ever phones/texts me again, which she has done when I haven't done it in a while, should I just ignore her, instead of falling into this trap again?

    • Option A: Yeah, see if she cares about it as much as you do. Pay attention to how she responds in the very same situation and it should give you more insight into how she really feels this. It could tell you if she is worried why you didn't text back or releaved that you didn't. If there is a response try to figure out if you are just her fall back plan or if she has just been really busy.

      Option B: Just text her right now and ask her "WTF?" Don't be so worried. There's no reason to be.

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  • She's been rude and inconsiderate, so that won't improve by going out with her, talking to her or hearing the "why". If she's got some other situation going on, she could at least have the decency to tell you. But at least you know she doesn't have basic consideration and decency before you rent some stinky old skates or spend a dime on her.

    She knows that was not cool. Don't reply to her texts or voicemails. You gave her a couple chances. She knows why you aren't responding. But, do watch how hard she tries to get your attention again and tries to get you to ask her out again. Think it will result in an actual date? that she doesn't flake on? WRONG!

    • Thanks. I don't understand why some girls do this. They make it so that you can never ask them out again.

    • They do it to save you time, energy and heartache. When guys have pulled crap like that with me, I view it as natural selection and thank Darwin for his wisdom! =D

      Why would you even want to ask her out again? What's so great about her that a girl with basic manners wouldn't have?

      You are the nice guy that gave her a second chance and she is the one who will have to learn the hard lesson that most don't and even nice guys get turned off by that pretty quickly.

  • shes probably crazy.

    i can't think of any real reason why she would do that but that she's just not that into u.

    but if she decides to text you again, then you shuld do exactly what she did to u.

    if she tries to call you and/or text you again maybe the day after, then you shuld act as if you were just busy and just too tired.

    dont ask her if she wants to go on a date.

    let her "remind u" about that date.

    if she does, say you have something to do that day and if she gives you alternative dates to choose from, don't answer her.

    then when she tries to text you the next time just act like nothing ever happened.

    that shuld get her wondering.


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  • Move on, she doesn't know what she wants and you're just going to drive yourself crazy over this girl if you start trying to understand her.

    • Believe me, I've already drove myself crazy. I just thought I deserved a response, I don't care if it's a yes or no or maybe, just something. Doesn't she realize that not giving an answer is worse than saying no?

  • people feel bad rejecting people.

    i do.

    she probably feels bad saying "no" even though it would probably be easier if she did.

    i would just start moving on.