Girls, in teens to 20's who have cats, could you give up having a cat to be with a guy who was allegergic to them?

I feel dumb asking this because I like dogs and would easily go without if I found a girl I was attracted to physically and got along with mentally who wanted to marry or live together, but I've heard girls say they couldn't get past not having a pet they favored, it blew my mind. So girls, could you go without having a pet if your guy was allergic? (It's not just take a pill and be fine, if I spend too long around them my throat and nose swell
  • I would go without the animal, it's no big deal
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  • I need my cat sorry, I'd not want to go without
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  • I don't have a cat.. lol but I would say depending on my relationship with YOU. I don't think you can give up a cat that easily. But I mean if we're to the point of moving in together and you would DIE with a cat around, yeah I'd probably give up the cat.

    • I was told to never spend more than 48 hours in a home with a feline in it, and no a 5 minute outdoor breather wouldn't reset it, it is very serious

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  • I'M allergic to cats. And yet my family owns two. And two horses. And one dog. There's fur everywhere.

    I need my furry children.

    • The fact you refer to them as children is sad, they are not people, I like my dog but if it came down to her hurting someone I could put her down myself without much sense of loss. It's an animal nothing more and someone who puts so much emotional value into a pet (who isn't a child at least) I cannot respect. Take offense to it or not I don't care it's the truth.

    • Your life is very sad.

  • No. My cat is like my baby. If you don't like my cat, I don't like you.

    • An animal is nowhere close to a child so it wouldn't work with someone that out there anyway

  • Nope. If he's allergic to my babies then we can't be together

    • See that's just pathetic to me, take it offensively or not I don't care, it's an animal that's it

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    • If you think like that you srsly don't deserve to be loved. Either that or you'll spend the rest of your life with someone who's cold hearted like you.

    • Cold hearted about considering a human more important than an animal? Lady you really do need that professional help, and if being with a girl who's 'cold hearted' like me means she'll love me way more than a pet then I'm much more happy with a girl like that. Have fun with your cats, I bet they don't think you're off the deep end.

  • I could go without cats I suppose, if I knew they were going to a good home. But I wouldn't want dogs. Maybe a nice blue tongued skink or a tortoise

  • No guy, even Leonardo Dicaprio comes before my cat. I'd rather be homeless than give her up.

    • Again this baffles me, it's an animal, I consider my dog a good friend but if she had to go, or severly hurt someone (she's a German Shepherd) I could let her go or put her down without any huge loss. It's an animal not a person

    • What can I say. We girls love our pets

    • I know plenty who hate animals too, and in the end I couldn't stand an animal lover so I guess it's for the best

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