Which type of girls are considered trophy?

i used to like white girls but here in the Caribbean i'm seeing a lot with local guys an to me it just seems basic like today i saw a white woman in a local guy's car who seemed younger, I don't know if he was working for her for was her friend or she knew him an got a ride or worst case she was with him then if so it affacted my view 2 many of these women are losing their value i used to think, when i get rich go to America/Europe an get a white woman an make my family proud an come back and show all the local girls i got a white one but now this is 2 basic I don't know if maybe i should go after Asian woman?


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  • None. Just be with whoever you want and be proud of that.

  • You can do what you want man, but as for me I don't give two fucks who people consider trophies. I'm attracted to all races.

    • but i want a beautiful girl who i could show off on and be proud of

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    • I have no idea. Like I said look towards the media. What girls are they showing on TV? In movies? Things like that.

    • Look at magazines. Who's the hottest celebrities? What do they look like? Things like that. Then just find a female who looks like that.

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