A man who bully me want me as love interest?

This guy is older than me. He and some people know talk behind my back about me , which has truth about it and kind of embarrassing. I am so insecure for that reason. I am otherwise attractive and smart. I refused his question for a couple of years living in the same apartment complex. I felt like he really like me but I can't forget his bully. He is literally chasing me and I make out with him. I honestly do t know if my vulnerability attracts him. He spent the whole afternoon cuddling an kissing newish passion. It feels like he has a genuine feeling. At the same time something inside me screams run. I honestly felt good being that desired somehow. At the same time I felt like he wants to use me for sex because I am a good girl. He even asked me if I was a virgin.


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  • the fact he asked you asked if you're a virgin is a red flag listen to your intuition

    • I know I was asking myself why he asked me if I was a virgin. I still don't get it. Any ideas?

    • I think any time a guy talks about sex or even mentions sex when you have known each other only a short time its not a good sign he is sexually attracted but not emotionally attracted to you.

    • That is so obvious. Why a man who bullies you will find you emotionally attractive?

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  • Listen to your intuition and run

    • I know I am so torn up. I have a hard time disappointing people. Since he is someone I will be seeing all the time , I don't know the right way to avoid him

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