I'm constantly getting annoyed at my boyfriend lately?

lately for the past 3 days in a row I'm getting annoyed or mad at my boyfriend. it is happening at least once a day daily. is this normal?


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  • try and not seeing each other as often, just dont see him for a week


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  • That's sometimes a sign that you're losing the spark. When you love someone, you can put up with their little antics that would annoy another person. When it starts to bother you, your love for them is fading. Your relationship might be coming to the end or at least out of the honeymoon phase.

    • no. everything is fine. whatever he is doing that is annoying I accept. it's the little things that are random he is annoying me with

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  • No. What's wrong? There must be a bigger issue and you're taking it out on him


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