He wants to hang out?

What does it mean when a guy says "I want to hangout but I don't want to be with anyone at the moment" and confirms that yeah it will change


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  • It probably means he's looking for a friendship with benefits. If you think he's a good guy, overall, then build a foundation with him (friendship) but don't hook up with him!

    By him saying yeah it will change, he's trying to keep you interested. Creating hope in your eyes that maybe someday something great will come out of it. Give him a chance, unless you really think he's the player type or know that he's a player.

    You can still hang out with someone of the opposite sex and have fun!

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    • This is what he said to me after I asked him if he wanted me or not, found out he's back with his ex so does this still apply?

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    • As for the child thing...if you do end up getting into a relationship in the future...You're going to have to accept the fact that his ex will always be in his life. It's something you won't be able to avoid.

      He'll be seeing her and vise versa (because of the kid)!

    • That I'm fine with it's no big deal apparently she was never really a good mother to start but ex's bicker so who knows if that's the actual case, the only reason he got back with her after she dumped him 6 months ago was he was lonely and was STILL not over her still

  • I would go with exactly what he said, until he gives you a reason to think otherwise.


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